When to Schedule Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

Taking the time to schedule your vehicle for auto transport is very important.  We usually recommend scheduling auto transport at least one month or so in advance of when you would like to have your vehicle shipped.

We tell our customers to schedule their vehicle for shipping early for a couple different reasons.  One important reason is to schedule your vehicle for transport early is to ensure you it can be shipped on your requested date and that there is an available driver and room on the trailer.  It’s like making a reservation for a very popular restaurant, the earlier you call to schedule the more availability you will have.  Same goes for scheduling auto transport, sometimes customers want to ship their vehicle at the same time and do not realize to call early enough to ensure they are able to get a spot on the transport trailer.

Be proactive, if you know in advance that you are going to need to hire an auto transport company for shipping, then don’t wait.  The earlier you know the better, even if it is 6 weeks or 2 months in advance call and make that appointment! Often enough we see customers try to schedule an auto transport pick last minute and sometimes this causes difficulty in finding an available driver for the customer.  We always say preparation is important and in this case, is the first step to being prepared.  Taking the time to schedule auto transport for your vehicle earlier will definitely ease stress knowing you have already confirmed plans and do not have to worry.  After scheduling your vehicle for transport don’t forget to save all your information provided by the transport company. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the transport

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