Shipping a Car to Your Vacation Places

  Have you ever been on vacation and wish you had your Car with you so you could journey around and relish the wonderful attractions from your car? Well you are not alone and many people are doing just that by shipping their car to their vacation spot. If you would like to have your car with you on vacation there are some steps you must follow. First of all, you will want to have the date of the vacation and try to schedule the shipping a couple months ahead of time. The summer time seasons are busy times for car shipping companies with so many popular car rallies going on. Give yourself plenty of time to make sure that you can have your car shipped by the company of your choice for a good rate. Also, factor in the time it takes to ship a car. Usually, it’s around a week, but it can take up to three weeks if bad weather is encountered.

Once you have the time frame set, you will want to pick a car shipping service. There is lot of to choose from, so make sure to research online to find out which one is right for you. You will want to pick a service that is experienced in shipping cars. You will discover that some services specialize in only shipping Cars. You might also consider asking others that you ride with for suggestions if they have done it before. Your local car dealer might also be able to recommend a shipping service, as well.

After you have refined it down to a few different shipping companies that you would be relaxed with moving your car, you will want to select the one that can offer you the best shipping rate. There are several factors that identify the shipping rate including: open or enclosed carrier, time of year, and range visited. Usually the cost will be around $400-$900. Sometimes you can find it cheaper, but that company might not offer the type of service and care for your car that you are looking for.

The only factor eventually left to do after choosing a company is to get ready your car for shipping. Each service is different and they will offer you with specific guidelines on what you need to do. Some companies will direct you to strain the gas tank and disconnect the battery. Others will handle that for you. Also, clean your car so that it can be examined for any loss before shipping.

Bkk transport & Brokerage is one among the highly experienced, safe and professional car shipping companies. We provide our services to the vacation spot cities like car shipping in California , Florida and New Jersey, including motorcycle, truck and Heavy equipment transport.

When to Schedule Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

Taking the time to schedule your vehicle for auto transport is very important.  We usually recommend scheduling auto transport at least one month or so in advance of when you would like to have your vehicle shipped.

We tell our customers to schedule their vehicle for shipping early for a couple different reasons.  One important reason is to schedule your vehicle for transport early is to ensure you it can be shipped on your requested date and that there is an available driver and room on the trailer.  It’s like making a reservation for a very popular restaurant, the earlier you call to schedule the more availability you will have.  Same goes for scheduling auto transport, sometimes customers want to ship their vehicle at the same time and do not realize to call early enough to ensure they are able to get a spot on the transport trailer.

Be proactive, if you know in advance that you are going to need to hire an auto transport company for shipping, then don’t wait.  The earlier you know the better, even if it is 6 weeks or 2 months in advance call and make that appointment! Often enough we see customers try to schedule an auto transport pick last minute and sometimes this causes difficulty in finding an available driver for the customer.  We always say preparation is important and in this case, is the first step to being prepared.  Taking the time to schedule auto transport for your vehicle earlier will definitely ease stress knowing you have already confirmed plans and do not have to worry.  After scheduling your vehicle for transport don’t forget to save all your information provided by the transport company. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the transport

Seasonal Vehicle Transport & Spring Has Sprung!

With a change in the weather, people are looking for vehicle transport services to escape to their summer destinations. During spring, Nationwide Auto Transport assists Snowbirds relocating for their seasonal move and families looking for some outdoor relaxation time together.

Snowbirds are looking to plan their relocation for the summer months to a cooler climate. Nationwide has been specializing in this type of vehicle shipping service for years. Nationwide understands during this type of move that people are not simply relocating for a week or two but for months. During this seasonal relocation, people often have specific shipping dates that need to be matched in order to make the move as stress free as possible. Nationwide’s car transporters understand the importance of timing and professionalism in order to make this move worry free.

Nationwide also is seeing a rise in families with school age children seeking a month or two of summer relaxation in the sun. When traveling with children, vehicle shipping makes the trip much more stress free. Children do not enjoy sitting still for long periods of time, so flying makes more sense for many families to cut the travel time drastically. While families make their flight plans, let Nationwide Auto Transport take care of the vehicle shipping. Choosing a car transporter to move the family vehicle allows parents to enjoy their time with the each other and their children without the hassle of having to worry.

Whatever your vehicle shipping needs are, Nationwide Auto Transport is here to assist you. Call one of our Car Transporter Specialists at 800-461-6853 or request a free car shipping quote online to start the relocation process and let us handle all of your needs.